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Friday, June 25, 2010

Piano & Cello Lessons

Piano, Violin, Viola & Cello Lessons
including Accompanying, Coaching and Transcription Services

All prices quoted include the $10 prompt pay discount for payment received by the 7th day of the month.

Piano Lessons
$70.00 per month 30 minute lessons
$140.00 per month 60 minute lessons

Generally, formal music lessons are suited best for children age 5 and above. Parents are always welcome to observe lessons. Younger children should still participate in one of many young child music programs around such as Music Together offered locally by Imagination Place. These programs help children learn basic music skills that will make lessons more enjoyable when they start. Most children do not have the attention span to sit through a full lesson until somewhere between ages 5-8.

Every child is different, so please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with me. I often suggest that until about age 8 a parent observe lessons and then practice with their children each day. I always give practice instructions and have many resources available to help young children. I have experience teaching several different methods and try to find one that suites the learning style of each child.

ADULTS - Yes, even adults can start an instrument later in life, or pick back up an instrument long abandoned. The great thing about playing an instrument as an adult, is that it is for pure enjoyment. I focus on having fun and finding enjoyment in playing. I encourage adult students to select some of their own music so they can spend time playing things they enjoy.

I have several methods available for older beginners and adults that get them reading music and playing very quickly. So the older beginner should never feel like they are behind in anyway. A free consultation can be set up to discuss teaching methods and answer any questions you have.

String Lessons -
$70.00 per month 30 minute lessons
$140.00 per month 60 minute lessons

Violin and Viola - These instruments are great for younger beginners and older first-timers. Basically for everyone.  They are rewarding instruments to play and provide a lot of opportunity for enjoyment and entertainment.

Cello - Everyone loves the cello. It is a great instrument for adults and older children.  For younger children, a couple of years of piano often help.  It helps them  develop the strength and motor skills that can make the cello challenging for the youngest beginners.

One Time Lesson/Coaching -
30 minute session - $25.00
60 minute session - $40.00

These sessions are meant for people that have played before and not beginners. Beginners really need the consistency of a lesson each week. These sessions are specifically for students that want to work on a specific piece, or get help with specific techniques. They are a great option for people that are rather busy and really can't find the time each week for a lesson. You simply pay each time you come and schedule each session individually.

Rehearsal - $20 per hour
Performance - $25 - $40 based on length and travel time.

I offer coaching for almost any instrument and voice as well as chamber groups. I focus on performance techniques and musicality. I can travel anywhere for performance or rehearsal as well as having a rehearsal space in my studio.

$15 - $25 per page based on complexity. Quoted up front. $25 non-refundable deposit.

I can provide straight transcriptions of recording or chord chart as well as arranging music for any instrument you desire. Because the complexity can vary from simple melody lines to full multi-instrument arrangements, prices are quoted individually per project based on complexity and length. Turn around time is quick and a piano recording can be provided.